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AuthentiCity is an event, supported by Stonewall and Just Like Us, created exclusively for LGBTQ+ students looking to explore career opportunities in the City. You’ll get to speak to representatives from a number of worldwide firms, who’ll be providing a valuable insight into their work and sharing their experiences of being LGBTQ+ in the workplace. Get involved and we will show you just how much you can accomplish while still remaining true to who you are. The event is  supported by myGwork, which is a leading online recruitment and networking hub for LGBTQ+ professionals and organisations.


Who should attend

If you have career aspirations in Legal, Investment Banking, Professional Services, Fund Management, Insurance, Real Estate or Technology – or you simply wish to explore what these industries have to offer – then this event is for you. Many people believe their gender or sexuality can put them at a disadvantage when looking for jobs. Our aim, above all, is to help put your mind at rest, open your eyes to the wide range of options available, and encourage you to show the world what you’re really capable of. AuthentiCity is a day for diversity, meaning you’ll be in amongst a talented group you can identify with. This is an opportunity to engage with relatable individuals and ultimately help us improve the way businesses view the LGBTQ+ community.


The firms

With major firms from several different industries, AuthentiCity gives you the chance to engage with experienced individuals and begin to form an idea of where your potential career may take you. Every firm participating is a globally recognised organisation. Together, they work to make a positive impact and actively strive for equality and diversity in their respective fields. Click on a logo to view a firm profile.


Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Combining unmatched experience and specialised skills across more than 40 industries and all business functions—underpinned by the world’s largest delivery network—Accenture works at the intersection of business and technology to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders. With approximately 442,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries, Accenture drives innovation to improve the way the world works and lives. Visit us at As one of the world’s leading consulting and technology organisations, we achieve amazing things for our clients every day – whether that’s increasing profits, gaining a greater market share, redefining strategies, innovating with leading-edge technologies or offering better customer experiences. We partner with more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500, driving innovation to improve the way the world works and lives. We examine a client’s organisation to solve their toughest challenges, working out how best to improve it using the latest technology and digital solutions, and implement agreed actions to bring about positive, lasting and profitable change. For us, it’s not just about coming up with great ideas, it’s also about successfully delivering transformational outcomes for a demanding new digital world. To manage the broad spectrum of challenges our clients face, our business needs to be diverse, which is why we’ve set up our organisation across five key business areas. These are Accenture Strategy; Accenture Consulting; Accenture Digital; Accenture Technology, and Accenture Operations. Combining unmatched experience and specialized skills across more than 40 industries has enabled us to deliver ground-breaking solutions and new innovative technology that impacts millions of lives every day. There are a variety of ways you can join us as a graduate at Accenture. Whichever programme you join, you’ll enjoy the perfect mix of intensive training, expert support, live project experience and great benefits. We have a strong Diversity & Inclusion agenda, focussed on enabling our employees to be themselves and use their unique talents to make a difference in the world. As a graduate, you’ll be encouraged to explore your passions, both in and out of the workplace, and nurtured to develop your skills. To apply visit

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

With 1,600 lawyers in 32 offices across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP is a fully integrated global law firm that provides clients with connected legal advice, wherever and whenever they need it. The firm is known for its relationship-driven, collaborative culture, diverse legal experience and industry-shaping innovation and offers clients one of the most active M&A, real estate, financial services, litigation and corporate risk practices in the world. To find out more about careers at BCLP, visit our careers website.


About KPMG

KPMG in the UK is part of a global network of firms that offers Audit, Tax, Consulting and Deal Advisory services. Through the talent of over 13,500 colleagues, we bring our imagination and insight to our clients’ most critical issues. KPMG’s Audit, Tax & Pensions, Deal Advisory, Consulting, Technology and Business Services programmes offer graduates the chance to work with some of the brightest minds and reach their full potential. KPMG offers a breadth of experience across a range of industries such as Retail, Leisure, Charities, Banking, Government and the Public Sector.

What can KPMG offer you?

We want to offer an inclusive environment where everyone feels empowered. Our Employee Networks help us achieve this. As well as representing specific groups, they help to increase collaboration, share best practice, and make KPMG a more enjoyable place to work. Find out more about our networks here. As a Stonewall Diversity Champion and Top100 employer, KPMG is proud of the ongoing time and effort we have invested to make LGBT inclusion real for our people, in our workplaces and communities. Our award-winning LGBT network, Breathe, will be there to support you all the way as you build your career at KPMG. Delivering innovative approaches calls for diverse perspectives; KPMG welcomes a range of personalities, skill sets and degree disciplines. Thanks to The Academy – a unique learning community created to help trainees develop through workshops and networking events – the support trainees receive is as individual as they are. What’s more, the full-time Professional Qualification Training and Accreditation team is also on hand to help trainees to pass professional exams. To succeed in an ever-changing, and increasingly digital business world, today’s graduates need resilience, curiosity and the motivation for continuous improvement. At KPMG, trainees are rewarded for their contributions with development opportunities and a host of great benefits, including access to preferential banking and cash towards student loan payments. The rewards of a career with KPMG begin early with Launch Pad, an innovative, streamlined approach to the recruitment process, it allows graduate candidates to enjoy a meaningful experience while securing a job offer earlier than ever. At Launch Pad, you’ll get the chance to gain new skills, network with existing KPMG staff and senior partners, as well as your peers. It represents the final stage of the recruitment process and should you be successful, you’ll receive a job offer faster than ever before, within two working days! In short, KPMG is an award-winning employer, where graduates can learn, grow and thrive.


The recruitment process is conducted on a first come first serve basis. To secure an early offer, apply now, but if the opportunity you are interested in is not currently available, we’d encourage you to sign up to our talent community, The Smart Network, to keep informed of the opportunities. Visit our website to find out more here.


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Collecting and protecting your data

Authenticity is organised by our parent company Stafford Long & Partners. In the run up to the event, we’ll be collecting certain data about the people attending. Below is a brief outline of why we need that data and what we do with it when we have it.

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When you apply, your CV and covering letter will be viewed and stored by our Diversity Solutions team. Firstly, so we can see if Authenticity is the right event for you. And secondly, so we can let you know if your application has been successful.

If we offer you a place at the event and you agree to attend, we’ll need to share your CV, contact details and any dietary or accessibility requirements with the participating companies so they know who’s attending on the day. It’s also so they can let you know about future career opportunities that might be of interest. The participating firms are:

  • Accenture
  • Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
  • KPMG

We’d also love to keep you posted about other events that might be of interest. So make sure you tick the box that says you’re happy for us to stay in touch.

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The next event will be held online on Wednesday 23rd September and will be divided into a number of sessions. Some sessions will educate you on the career opportunities in these industries; others will allow you to interact directly with the firms’ representatives. The mixture of presentations, panel discussions and networking elements with the participating firms and Stonewall should answer any questions you may have when applying for future internships or graduate positions. “It was amazing to meet seniors from all the firms, hear how they leverage their authenticity at work and assess the distinctive cultures of the firms attending” “All of the speeches were amazing, people were so friendly and encouraging whilst being so helpful with their knowledge”


Community News

Bisexuality can be defined as “…those who are attracted to two or more genders. By this definition, being pansexual also falls under the bisexual umbrella, since pansexuals are generally attracted to most or all genders.” Despite huge progress being made towards equality and tolerance towards those who identify as LGBTQ+, many bisexual people still face discrimination from society about their sexuality when they come out. Studies have shown that just 28% of bisexual people are out to all the people they love and only 49% of bisexual people are out at work. This all points to the need for a bisexual visibility day – because bisexual people aren’t often that visible to the other people around them. Part of the reason for this is that there are still many common misconceptions around bisexuality. It’s not unusual to hear the following statements/questions being said to a bi person when they come out: ‘You are actually gay but you haven’t come to terms with it yet’ ‘You’re actually straight, this is just a phase’ ‘You just can’t make your mind up about who you like’ (To a woman) ‘If you date a man in the future, you’ll be straight again’ ‘Because you are all attracted to both or all genders – does that mean you fancy everyone?’ ‘Bi people don’t have monogamous relationships’ Comments such as these are undermining and potentially harmful, yet many people still say them when a bi person comes out. Studies have shown that those who aren’t open about their sexuality or parts of their home life in the workplace perform significantly worse in than those who feel able to be open. Covering up who you are on a daily basis comes at a cost: it takes time and energy and is psychologically exhausting. It is for all these reasons that we need to try harder to dismantle and address bi-phobia and LGBTQ+ micro aggressions in the workplace, creating a more supportive environment for our bisexual colleagues so they feel able to be visible at work as well as in their homes. —— Stafford Long run two yearly LGBTQ+ focused events looking at helping to support LGBTQ+ students to find more information about jobs in the workplace. Links to them both can be found below… AuthentiCity: Inside & Out: If you work for a company that wants to have a discussion around diversity and inclusion recruitment, training, consultancy or support please email ——– Other useful sources about bi visibility day…/bisexual-women-almost-twice-as-l……/bisexual-men-and-women-fa…

On June 27th, we welcomed 65 LGBTQI+ students into the beautiful offices of Aviva PLC for our annual AuthentiCity event. Often, our events are dedicated to one particular sector – as with our upcoming LGBTQ+ banking and finance event, Inside and Out, which you can sign up for here. In this case, though, it was about being proudly ‘out’ in careers across the City of London. Students from all kinds of disciplines were keen to attend alongside our participating firms: Accenture, Aviva, BCLP, JLL, J.P. Morgan, KPMG and M&G Investments. The afternoon began with a short introduction from our wonderful hosts, Aviva, and their Global Inclusion Lead, Liz Ashford. We were then fortunate enough to have Sara Walsh from Stonewall who gave a profoundly inspirational speech on her organisation’s work and history. The next section of the event – the recruitment sessions – proved to be wildly popular amongst the students. They found it so useful, in fact, that they asked us to extend the sessions for our future events. BCLP took on application forms and how students can best utilise these, whereas our hosts Aviva provided the students with some great tips and tricks for succeeding at assessment centres. Accenture and M&G tag-teamed for a fantastic session on video interviews, and KPMG introduced the students to the concept of commercial awareness. Next, students had the chance to connect personally with the firm representatives, who rotated around the room every ten minutes to give an insight into their daily life at work and to answer any lingering questions that the students had. This year we were thrilled to have a deeply engaged group of students, as well as firm representatives who fostered open meaningful discussions on what being LGBTQI+ means as part of their identity and as part of their working life. That sense of openness carried through to the panel discussion, where students were eager to ask our six LGBTQI+ panellists not only about the challenges in their careers, but the opportunities too. This was where our attending firms really shone, as the panellists demonstrated how they were supported and how their firms were ensuring diversity and inclusion in their everyday operations. Each panellist was currently openly out about their identity in the workplace, and despite inevitable challenges, they’d all had positive experiences to share – like Manuel Betancourt-Rubino, who came out to the KPMG management team and took a leading role in the firm’s Pride in London celebrations. After the panel, it was time to wrap things up with a dedicated networking session with drinks and nibbles. At least, we thought we were wrapping things up: both students and representatives were so engaged in their conversations it turned out nobody wanted to leave. At the end of the day, our student responses have been overwhelmingly positive, with 97% either agreeing or strongly agreeing that they’d recommend the event to a friend. The gratitude we’ve received from students during and after the event has been personally so uplifting, and we left the day thankful for the experience. We also were fortunate to have Sophia from Waterhouse Photography on the day to capture the event. You can find all the wonderful pictures they took during the event on our Facebook page: as well as some entertaining Instagram stories from the day on our account @SLDiversitySolutions Finally, as mentioned earlier, our LGBTQI+ interbank careers event Inside and Out is coming up on the 27th of September, so if you liked the sound of AuthentiCity and you or someone you know is specifically interested in banking and finance careers, then don’t miss the opportunity to sign up now whilst we’re still accepting applications:

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